Software development

We mix innovative thinking, practices and technologies with tried and tested approaches to meet our clients’ expectations: exciting user experiences, powered by the latest technologies, created in the simplest way possible.

1. Management Applications

a. BiT-ERP: An Enterprise Resource Planning that helps manufacturers and traders from small businesses to mid-size enterprise see business transactions more clearly.

b. BiT-PoS: Point Of Sale software covers entire multi-channel retail management from procurement of inventory to point-of-sale. POS software includes production, sales & distribution, customer loyalty, and accounting.
c. CRM: A Customer Relationship Management tool, CRM Software is a comprehensive solution that enables an organization in development by maintaining the data of the customers most efficiently while capturing all pre sale and post-sale force interactions of the customer.

2. Web Applications:

We provide high quality and cost effective web application development services such as Design-Development-Hosting and Security ; using the latest technologies such as PHP,, J2EE, and python. The use of each technology depends on our customers’ requirements and business objectives.
We have experience of delivering high performance web applications with simple to complex functionalities to enable organizations to reduce time to market, get closer to customers and achieve sustainable commercial success.

3. Mobile Applications:

We specialize in application development from analysis of business process to the design of software that will align business requirements with IT strategy. We have a specialized mobile development and design team for a variety of platform such as iPhone Application Development (iOS), Android Application Development(Android). Our services will give you the ability to design, develop and deploy successful applications.