IT Support

IT is about capability – being able to do the things you need. From writing documents and building spreadsheets, through email and remote access, to security and specialist applications, IT is the foundation on which you build your business. BiT-Solutions assures that everything runs smoothly.

1. Network Services:

We offer a range of computer network services, including the provision of network advice and recommendations on the range of cabling options and network elements available, such as routers, bridges, interface cards, switches, gateways, servers, backup solutions, disaster recovery and security options.

2. Cloud Computing & Virtualization:

Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. BiT-Solutions is a leading company providing an array of services to enterprises enabling cloud process to various international datacenters. Our services includes consulting and assessment, Prices and package negotiation, design and architecture, application and data migration, security management, Backup and recovery processes, monitoring and management services and on-going optimizations.

3. SMB & NGO’s IT Consultancy

BiT-Solutions offers a range of small business IT services including Microsoft IT and network services, to help small and medium-sized companies and organizations to get the most from their IT investments.
If you are setting up a new office with new IT equipment, or expanding or replacing your existing systems, you can rely on our small business team to offer advice and to produce an IT specification including hardware, software, website creation and hosting, emails and network to meet your requirements. We can install the network and PC hardware and software for you and offer ongoing support to maximize your efficiency and IT uptime. You don’t need to hire a fulltime IT employee. BiT-Solutions will take it all at a very professional and cost-effective way.